Weapon Scanner

The WEAPON SCANNER is a high sensitivity device designed to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal masses. The unit can be used to detect weapons, detonators and other small pieces of metal concealed in baggage or

Optimum efficiency on a range of applications is achieved through user adjustable sensitivity.

WEAPON SCANNER’ S high sensitivity allows a search to be non-intrusive and hands-off by minimizing physical contact with the subject.

The lightweight construction, comfortable grip, large screening area, fast detection circuitry all contribute to higher efficiency screening and reduce operator fatigue.

  • For fast weapon screening and theft prevention
  • Highly sensitive scanning circuit - fast scan rate
  • Large search head for extra coverage
  • No false alarms - digital go–no go threshold circuit
  • High sensitivity for non-intrusive body searching
  • Instant response - clear visual and audio alarms
  • Electronic switching with tactile feedback
  • Red, Blue and Amber - alarm and status indicators
  • Low field strength - no affect on pacemakers and magnetic media
  • Elegantly styled molded ABS housing
  • Low current drain - over 300 hours of use on 9V Duracell battery

Detects: Pistol, 25 cal. at 8” Medium Pistol at 10” Mini revolver, 22 cal. at 6” Cartridge, .357 at 4” Razor blade at 2” Hat pin at 1”
Power Requirement: Weapon Scanner works for over 300 Hours on 9V Duracell battery at 10% detection rate or 9V Rechargeable battery (optional).
Electronics: The highly reliable advanced detection circuitry is housed in a rugged high impact ABS plastic case and detects all metals and alloys. Sensitivity adjustment is made accessible only on removing the battery cover thus reducing potential tampering or inadvertent adjustment.
Scan Rate: 3” to 24” (75-600 mm) per second
Dimensions: Length: 380mm Body width: 40mm Thickness: 26mm Coil Size: 170mm x 77mm Coil Area: 180 Sq cm
Alarm Indicators: High efficiency piezoelectric buzzer and 3 individual LED indicators. 1. BLUE LED – POWER ON 2. AMBER LED – DETECTION 3. RED LED – LOW BATTERY Indication remains activated while search coil passes over metal. The duration of the alarm is indication of the size of the object. Alarm circuitry is based on a digital go-no go threshold switch to minimize false alarms. Silent vibration alarm (optional)
Weight: 300 Gms (appx)
Operating Temperature: -10 to 55°C
Warranty:  1 year

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