Metal Detector Model Ultrascan

UltraScan’s high sensitivity is invaluable in anti theft applications where small metal objects must be protected.
Jewelry, electronic products, computer processors, tools etc. can be detected. Optimum efficiency on a range of
applications is achieved through user adjustable sensitivity. UltraScan’s high sensitivity allows a search to be non-intrusive and hands-off by minimizing physical contact with the subject. The lightweight construction, comfortable grip, large screening area, fast detection circuitry all contribute to higher efficiency screening and reduce operator

  • For fast weapon screening and theft prevention
  • Highly sensitive scanning circuit - fast scan rate
  • Instant response - clear visual and audio alarms
  • No false alarms - digital go–no go threshold circuit
  • High sensitivity for non-intrusive body searching
  • Elegantly styled molded ABS housing
  • Electronic switching with tactile feedback
  • Three state Blue LED alarm and status indicator
  • Low field strength - no affect on pacemakers and magnetic media
  • Detects all metals and alloys

Detects: Medium Pistol at10” (250 mm) Pistol, 25 cal. at 8” (200 mm) Mini revolver, 22 cal. at 6” (150 mm) Cartridge, .357 at 4” (100 mm) Razor blade at 2” ( 50 mm) Hat pin at 1” ( 25 mm)
Power Requirement: Ultrascan works on rechargeable batteries.
Scan Rate: 3” to 24” (75-600 mm) per second
Dimensions: Length: 394mm Body width: 36mm Thickness: 33mm
Electronics: The highly reliable advanced detection circuitry is housed in a rugged high impact ABS plastic case and detects all metals and alloys.
Weight: 300 Gms(appx)
Alarm Indicators: High efficiency piezo electric beeper and multi-function BLUE LED indicator. The BLUE LED indicates the following three functions; 1.Normal Light when the unit is switched ON. 2.Brighter Light when metal object is detected 3.Flashing light when battery is low.

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